Thursday, December 8, 2011


I get to update earlier than I thought I would!!!!

First let me tell you all about my dream last night. I had a dream that I was at the funeral home again, but Papa was alive! I asked them why he wasn't buried anymore and why he was alive, and they said "Well, we just weren't sure!" I remember getting SO mad! Then I woke up.

For some reason, this prompted me to take a test. The reason being-I had a conversation with a cousin not long ago and she said that maybe Papa's passing will bring new life....maybe in the form of a baby for me. I am a HUGE believer, but I do believe.

Well, I tested....and here it is!

That is the most beautiful line ever! I am in shock! I was so worried that we missed our window of opportunity because of Papa's passing, but it looks like things were working in our favor! I have an appointment on Tuesday at 2PM. I am a ball of nerves!

Josh is over the moon excited! I haven't told anyone else except a special group of ladies, my best friend, and my sister that lives in Tennessee. I am waiting until Christmas to tell our parents and grandparents! This is going to be the best present ever for them!!!

Of course, since having a miscarriage last time, I am so scared. But I am trying to not think about that and know that right now, in this moment...I am pregnant.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A few more days...

And I will know the outcome of my first Clomid cycle.

I chart with Fertility Friend, and I do not agree with the day it said I ovulated, so I am trying to wait it out and test when I feel is the right time. Whenever that may be!

We don't feel like we have much of a chance, because my fertile week was when my Papa passed.

Oh how I miss that man. He was the strongest, bravest, most amazing man I ever knew. He was the most steady male role model I had in my life. But, even though we are sad that his physical body is gone, we know he is in a better place, pain free, and probably up there squeezing God's knuckles like he used to do to us...or tickling his knee. Oh that man knew he loved to tickle us...even though we hated it(well let's face it, we loved it....even if it left bruises sometimes)

Anywho....maybe I will get to update again with a great update! Fingers crossed!