Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Month Three

Month three started off with Hunter having surgery.

He started spitting up pretty much entire bottles and it worried me. I took him into the pediatricians office, and at first they said it was normal. Well, mama instinct knew it wasn't. So, a few days later I took him again. Finally, they decided to do an ultrasound on his belly to see if he had Pyloric Stenosis(basically, the Pyloric muscle is the opening that is between the stomach and the intestines. Pyloric Stenosis is when that muscle is closed too tight, and food can't pass properly, causing the baby to projectile spit up their food).

Well, Friday, October 12, 2012 he had the ultrasound done, and they confirmed that he has PS. We called Tallahassee Memorial(our hospital wasn't adequately equipped to perform the procedure). We went back and forth with them, and hearing of Hunter's condition(he was a rare PS baby...I'll explain in a moment), they told us we could either come right then, or wait until Monday.

We decided to wait until Monday. When we got there Monday afternoon, the surgeon came in and told me that he just couldn't believe that Hunter had PS. Hunter was too chunky! Most PS babies are so tiny, the throw up pretty much EVERY bottle they drink, and they just look sick. Hunter was gaining his weight, only threw his bottle up maybe 2 times a day, and seemed like a happy kid(except at night!). (Well, now looking back at photos of him before, he DOES look like he doesn't feel good). So anyway, the surgeon wanted to wait until the morning to perform and upper-GI to get a better look.

The next morning, we took him down to radiology, and he had the Upper-GI done. I got to be in there with him, and it was so neat watching the fluid he was drinking travel down into his stomach on that screen!

The radiologist and the surgeon confirmed that he really did have PS, and he would have surgery that afternoon.

Overall, I was pretty calm. I was more worried about getting my boy back to feeling better! They came and got us and we walked Hunter down to the OR. I snuggled with him a lot while waiting for them to come get him. He didn't know what was going on, but he seemed to give me extra snuggles during that time!

He came out of surgery about 2 hours later and he did great! He had a drainage tube in his nose, and I really didn't like seeing it, but they removed it about an hour after his surgery. He had 3 incisions in his little belly too.

It was a slow next 24 hours at the hospital. We had to feed him on a timed schedule, and only pedialite at first, and tiny amounts. We gradually had to get him back to eating his formula. But he did amazing. Never threw any of it up! Such a trooper!

We were released the next day, and Hunter was like a totally different kid! He was so happy, he slept SO much better, and his appetite was great!

Here is a collage recap from his surgery....

and a few others from his third month :)

Getting chunky!

Such a happy boy!

First Halloween!

At the fair, about to fall asleep

First time in the exersaucer!


Month Two

Still growing like a weed.

 I may post mostly photos to catch the blog up. But I will post any important things I feel are noteworthy :)

Month One

Our first month at home with Hunter was a crazy, but amazing month. Settling in with our sweet boy was so surreal. I never knew you could love someone so much so quickly until I became a mother.

He brings so much joy to my life. To our life. I couldn't imagine life without him.

Here are a few pictures of  to recap his first month!

Hunter's Birth Story

This was originally written on August 14, 2012

First-Here is one of my maternity photos. Taken the evening before I went into labor!

I'm typing from my phone, so I apologize for any typos!

Thursday 8/9/12 at my weekly appointment, we got the news that I was going to be induced on Tuesday 8/14 since my blood pressure was still a bit elevated.

Saturday 8/11/12 started like normal. No signs of coming labor at all(and I never really had braxton hicks contractions before either). That evening, I went to supper(Mexican) with my mom and sister, then we went to Walmart to get some last minute stuff we still needed. I had one contraction at Walmart(non painful, just tightening). I got home around 9pm.

I took a long bath, then at about 1am, I finally decided to go to bed. I went to the bathroom and while using it, I felt a huge pop, and instantly felt cramps and felt like I was still peeing, but I wasn't! I stood up, went and woke josh up, and told him my water had broke(and that it was still happening!) I called my sister(an OB nurse) and she told me to shower(I didn't wash my hair in the bath earlier). So I took a quick one, Josh threw things in my bag(I hadn't finished packing it yet) and then we headed to the hospital.

Contractions were already coming about 3 minutes apart once we got to the hospital. I could still talk through them up until we got to my room. They checked me when I first got there (2am) and I was at 4-5cm and 90%. They called the lab to get my blood work before my epidural. After they left it would be about an hour before I could get the epidural. They checked me again before calling for the epidural and I was at 6cm. (3:30am) By this point I cannot talk through contractions and they were coming every 1-2 minutes. The only thing I could do was focus on breathing through them. Hunter's heart rate dipped once so they tried getting me on my side but the pressure was so intense that I couldn't lay there long. Finally the guy came to give the epidural at 4am. It took 2 tries to get it, but finally I had relief. They checked me again once I was numb and I was at 7cm. I felt like a new woman with the epidural(and I remember specifically telling them that it was the best thing since sliced bread!) I could feel the pressure of a contraction but was completely pain free!

At 5:20am they checked me again and I was complete and ready to push! I started pushing around 5:40am. it took a few pushes to get the hang of it but my doctor said I was doing it perfectly. In between contractions, me, Josh, my doctor, and nurses were talking about the most random things and laughing hysterically.(our family in the hall probably thought we were crazy).

After about 25-30 minutes of pushing, Hunter made his debut at 6:09am on August 12, 2012! He came out so fast I thought my doctor was going to drop him! Josh didn't cut the cord(he doesn't do well with blood or stuff like that) but he was amazing. He held my left leg the whole time for me. Hunter instantly started crying, and I did too. While they were cleaning me up, Josh went to the warmer and he was just in awe. As was I just seeing the look in his face.

I have a 2nd degree tear, but it is worth it. I honestly could not have asked for a better labor experience. It went so much better than I was expecting.

Here is our sweet boy!

Man...A lot has happened in over a year!

Wow. I REALLY need to remember to update this blog!

So I guess I need to update since my last post! I am going to post them separately in order...so bear with me. It may take a few days to get all caught up I am sure!

But I really have a LOT to catch up on!