Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It starts with one pill....

So, today was the day. My first round of Clomid. :o

 I prepared Josh for the worst case scenario:
-hot flashes
-mood swings
-basically being a bitch 

I am so excited/nervous about starting Clomid. How can something so tiny that I swallow be so intimidating?! But, I am hoping and praying this is my answer to finally have a take home baby!

Oh, and also-I suck at remember to take pills. I suck at remembering to take a Prenatal Vitamin! 
I have heard of gummy prenatals but never went and bought any...until the other day.
 Oh.My.God. They are amazing! I actually look forward to taking them now! I wish I could take more than the recommended dose a day! Ha. No really, I won't do that...but it is so tempting.

Anywho, so here's to a new plan for this cycle. Fingers crossed that we finally get pregnant and STAY pregnant!



  1. Good luck, hun! Double check the dose on those gummi prenatals - I was only taking one of them and then read that I should be taking two. And to remember to take them I always set a daily alarm on my phone.