Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Month Three

Month three started off with Hunter having surgery.

He started spitting up pretty much entire bottles and it worried me. I took him into the pediatricians office, and at first they said it was normal. Well, mama instinct knew it wasn't. So, a few days later I took him again. Finally, they decided to do an ultrasound on his belly to see if he had Pyloric Stenosis(basically, the Pyloric muscle is the opening that is between the stomach and the intestines. Pyloric Stenosis is when that muscle is closed too tight, and food can't pass properly, causing the baby to projectile spit up their food).

Well, Friday, October 12, 2012 he had the ultrasound done, and they confirmed that he has PS. We called Tallahassee Memorial(our hospital wasn't adequately equipped to perform the procedure). We went back and forth with them, and hearing of Hunter's condition(he was a rare PS baby...I'll explain in a moment), they told us we could either come right then, or wait until Monday.

We decided to wait until Monday. When we got there Monday afternoon, the surgeon came in and told me that he just couldn't believe that Hunter had PS. Hunter was too chunky! Most PS babies are so tiny, the throw up pretty much EVERY bottle they drink, and they just look sick. Hunter was gaining his weight, only threw his bottle up maybe 2 times a day, and seemed like a happy kid(except at night!). (Well, now looking back at photos of him before, he DOES look like he doesn't feel good). So anyway, the surgeon wanted to wait until the morning to perform and upper-GI to get a better look.

The next morning, we took him down to radiology, and he had the Upper-GI done. I got to be in there with him, and it was so neat watching the fluid he was drinking travel down into his stomach on that screen!

The radiologist and the surgeon confirmed that he really did have PS, and he would have surgery that afternoon.

Overall, I was pretty calm. I was more worried about getting my boy back to feeling better! They came and got us and we walked Hunter down to the OR. I snuggled with him a lot while waiting for them to come get him. He didn't know what was going on, but he seemed to give me extra snuggles during that time!

He came out of surgery about 2 hours later and he did great! He had a drainage tube in his nose, and I really didn't like seeing it, but they removed it about an hour after his surgery. He had 3 incisions in his little belly too.

It was a slow next 24 hours at the hospital. We had to feed him on a timed schedule, and only pedialite at first, and tiny amounts. We gradually had to get him back to eating his formula. But he did amazing. Never threw any of it up! Such a trooper!

We were released the next day, and Hunter was like a totally different kid! He was so happy, he slept SO much better, and his appetite was great!

Here is a collage recap from his surgery....

and a few others from his third month :)

Getting chunky!

Such a happy boy!

First Halloween!

At the fair, about to fall asleep

First time in the exersaucer!


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