Wednesday, March 2, 2011

And it begins...

I decided to start this blog to vent and express my feelings throughout this journey that J(hubby)and I are about to encounter. I have blogged before, and I have turned away from them, but this time I really think I need to stick to it.

Some of you know that J and I have been TTC since October 2009 with no success. All of my ladies(you know who you are) expressed how much it would help to begin the road to testing. I finally caved and called my OB.

Yesterday I had my consultation with the doctor and it went really well. He was so proud of me charting(when my friends and family seemed to think I was a little OCD about it). He said my charts look amazing and my temps are clearly showing that I am ovulating on my own!(If you want to learn more about charting go Here)

He then decided the next step for us would be to have J go do an SA(sperm analysis). Tomorrow is that day. J is pretty nervous about it. I mean, no man wants to be told that his lil' guys are no good! So, wish him luck tomorrow!

Next month, when AF arrives, I have to call my doctor back and he is going to schedule an HSG(hysterosalpingogram) for me. Basically what an HSG does is determine if my fallopian tubes are clean and clear. They will shoot dye into my uterus and watch to see if it flows freely into my tubes. If everything is clear, then we will take more steps to find out what is going on with us.

I am so nervous about all of this. I never though I would ever have to go through this. But, that was the hand I was dealt and I have to face it in order to achieve my dream of becoming a mom.

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