Wednesday, March 30, 2011

HSG is over!

This past Monday I had the HSG. I was so scared about it...

Well, I got through it-somehow. Let me just say that it was NOT comfortable. First, the speculum was metal, and my OB has always used plastic. THEN, the guy was tightening the speculum and it slipped, sending sharp pains throughout my lady parts. O_o

After all of that discomfort, it was time for the catheter to go in. Once it was in, it felt like one long menstrual cramp. It got so bad at one point that I felt a bit nauseous. But, I survived and it was quickly over.

The imaging specialist said that from what he can see, everything looks clear and open! YAY! He sent my results to my OBGYN, and he will call me after he goes over them more in depth.

I am not sure what the next step will be, but let's hope the next step will be scheduling a pregnancy related appointment!!! Wish us luck this cycle!

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